Wild Coast Fishing

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Experience the most rural part of South Africa with professional guided fishing tours. With experienced guides using only the best equipment for the job. Experience Wild Coast fishing like never before. Catching giants will require time, effort and knowledge; so let our local guides and community fishermen share their secret fishing spots with you, as well as the tricks of the trade they have picked up on along the way.

Have you ever eaten a fresh oyster from the salty sand, boiled a pot of mussles from the washing tides or eaten freshly caught fish fried drizzled with garlic butter? The untouched coastlines and fishing spots are waiting for you, so don't hesitate to find out more.

Partnered with Wild Coast Angling Tours and Adventures. Our accommodation is not 5 star but our hospitality is, and we want you to experience the traditions, cultures and adventures the Wild Coast has to offer.