About Us

PH Toolbox

PH Toolbox was designed as a one stop shop for equipment that our professional hunters use when they are in the bush on a day to day basis. The idea was to give the modern day hunter the best experience with the best gear possible. As hunters, we often lose contact with what being an outdoors-man and conservationist means. We use modern technology to make our lives easier, but we are unaware of the damage we do to the environment at the same time. PH Toolbox wants to combine efficiency, as well as using natural means to make our life that much easier.

PH Programme

The PH Program was developed by PHs for PHs. So by clicking on a PH link or using their coupon code you will be supporting their families and filling a gap in their salary when the hunting season is over.

End Goal

Our end goal is to make people aware of our obligation to protect and look after what we have for future generations. By supporting our solar programme, PH Programme and other initiatives, you leave a positive on the wilderness like never before. We are all conservationist at heart and our wildlife needs you now more than ever.