PH Programme

Welcome to the first part of the journey to be part of the exclusive team. PH Toolbox was developed and designed by top quality PHs in the field. They had the same problem that most PHs have, and that is to fill the gaps between hunting seasons. 

This programme allows you to use some of the products in our store, while promoting them and driving traffic to our store. You will also earn commission on each product sold through your channel. "So what's the catch?" you may ask. There is only one catch. The harder you drive traffic to our store through your social media and other platforms the more you will earn in commission.

Remember this programme was designed by PHs for PHs.

Tell us below about your most memorable day in the bush. Back it up with why you think you will be the best man or woman for the job, and what ideas you have for PH Toolbox


  • What item in your hunting gear do you find most useful and why?
  • What item you suggest PH Toolbox is missing?
  • What is your social media following?