4Dead Hold

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About the 4DeadHold

Developed by a hunter for hunters. The 4Deadhold was designed to be an all-in-one hunting stick for all positions. With the aid of the 4DeadHold, you completely take the pressure off your body because of the 4 legs and 2 rest points front and back, and improve the overall accuracy for optimal shot placement. Unlike other hunting sticks, you can also now sit flat down!

Suitable for any length person up to 2 meters, adjustable height 77cm to 177cm, weighing only 1 kg.

The most stable, lightweight and versatile hunting stick in the world, fully adjustable without the need to disassemble, making it the no.1 choice for all shooting positions.



On the first day we accidentally drove over the 1ste sample Hunting stick with a 4×4 Bakkie after it felt off. Guess what? Almost no damage, just a small dent!

The lightweight fluted aluminum shafts is much stronger and sturdy than normal round pipe, thus the risk of bending them is much less. The quality flip locks makes it much easier and faster to adjust than other methods. Spares will always be readily available in case of accidental damage, no need to buy a new stick!