Level-it 30mm spacer

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The Level-It Front Suspension Lift Kit by WR Off Road Industries is a unique product  which is fitted (on either side) between the top of the front suspension strut and its mounting point on the chassis to increase the ground clearance of your pick-up and/or SUV, whilst improving the factory ride.  A unit well-designed, engineered with high mechanical properties and manufactured  from tough material (700MPa MTS* DOMEX 700 - US-Marine grade steel ) to eliminate any stress points or metal fatigue and to ensure durability, reliability and vehicle & passenger safety,  The laser-cutting of components, jig assembling  and full penetration welding ensure hassle-free assembly on vehicles and no cutting or drilling is subsequently required. During field tests it was proven that mild steel & aluminium imitations fail under extreme conditions e.g. gravel roads or during off-road use.  Unfortunately the weakness of these inferior imitation units are not visible at first and problems only surface after a short period of time or when exposed to extreme conditions. During the 7+ years of service to the industry not one failure of Level-It has occurred.


* Minimum Tensile Strength



  • Lift the Front of Your Pick-Up and/or SUV
  • Increase Wheel Travel & Ground Clearance
  • Improved Factory Ride & Steering Ability
  • New Shock Absorbers Not Required
  • Provide Space to Fit Larger Tyres
  • Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation



  • A typical Level-It kit consists of 2 powder coated spacers, each spacer welded with  high-tension steel bolts and fitted with Nyloc nuts. 
  • The kit also includes an Installation Manual, Warranty Card, Warning Decal & Loctite.