Solarmate Power Bank 20 000mAh

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Experience the outdoors without having to worry about been able to charge your devices to capture that special moment. With Solarmate durable and efficient solar powered power bank you will never miss a moment instead you now can charge your devices while still been able to go on your adventure. 

Solarmate is built for the outdoors with its hard and robust case you will never have to feel like placing the device on a soft or smooth surface. With a 20 000mAh charging capacity you will have your device charged and ready to go within no time. By using the suns rays you don't have to worry about packing cables or other power option the Solarmate can charge any USB device in a heart beat.

Product info;

  • High capacity 20 000mAh Lithium-ion battery.
  • Wide range of application including 10W fast Wireless charge.
  • High efficiency solar panel.
  • Integrated hanging buckle
  • Dual lights with SOS function.
  • Waterproof

Let the light guide you.