Tyre Care 4 Wheel Solar Pressure System

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When you are in the bush the last thing you want to worry about is your tyre pressure. Put your mind at ease with the Tyre Care Solar System that is completely hands and cable free. Make your trip hassle free. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring
  • Tyre Temperature Monitoring
  • Wireless
  • Anti-Theft Design
  • Prolongs Tyre Life
  • Monitors all 4 Tyres Simultaneously 
  • Strong anti-interference Capacity
  • Adjustable Lighting
  • Alarms
  • Real Time Monitoring

As well as the following features.

  • Monitor Solar Powered
  • Selectable pressure units
  • Pressure and temp alarm
  • Temp unit 
  • Tyre exchange function
  • Sensor replace function
  • Sensor dust proof
  • Sensor water proof
  • Life span of battery 4-5 years
  •  Life span on battery based on average 2-3 hours driving per day.
  • 1 Year Guarantee